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Surgery department is a subdivision of KM "Municipal Hospital №4 Grodno."

The main task of the department is to ensure the timely provision of skilled surgical and gynecological care at the level of modern advances in medical science and practice.

Department is headed by a surgeon Alexander Filipovic, nurse operating (senior) luxury Oksana Kazimirovna Kissel

Composition of department: 6 operating (4 targets) and 2 placed in a separate section - service emergency surgery and surgical department №2. Branch designed and constructed in strict accordance with current health and hygiene standards and safety requirements of the patient and staff.

In the operating department has a team that provides a work around the clock to provide routine and emergency surgical and obstetric care. State department is staffed by qualified nurses.

Operating filled with modern equipment that allows both traditional and endovideosurgical operation. It creates the conditions for an infectious patient safety and staff for operations, the concentration of the instrument and rational use. Complied with the rules and requirements of sanitary and anti-epidemic modes specified in the existing regulations.

We use modern disinfectants and antiseptics, atraumatic sutures, staplers, plastic materials.

Everyone who works in the department are responsible people and understand that, mutual support and a relaxed atmosphere - the key to success in the work.

Working hours: around the clock; Phone 80152 54 57 90.