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Head of department Dmitry Shevchuk     The head of the Surgical Department - Dmitry Shevchuk is a surgeon of the highest qualification category, phone  8 0152 54-29-54. 

     The department is providing emergency and planned surgical care, the introduction of new and improved methods of the already used surgical interventions. 


Head nurse Olga Volchek 




   The main directions of the Department activity: 


     Acute and chronic pathology of the abdominal cavity: reconstructive - reducing gastroenterology, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery with the use of modern video equipment - endo and laparoscopic techniques (calculous cholecystitis, pancreatic disease, peptic ulcer disease, including the elderly, puncture of the abdominal cavity fluid formations under ultrasound control, hernia repair). 

operating roomSurgical treatment and prevention of disorders the regional hemodynamics in vascular diseases, including surgical treatment of portal hypertension.

Our surgeons use the classic and modern methods of operational benefits. 100% of the staff - doctors' own methods of laparoscopic operations. Up to 65% of operational manuals on organs of the abdominal cavity is performed using laparoscopic techniques. Among them are high-tech - laparoscopic repair of hiatal hernia, surgery for multiple extrahepatic bile duct stones; resection of the stomach, intestines, devascularization of the stomach, vagotomy with pyloroplasty, surgery for obesity.

Branch staff