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         Doctor - physiotherapist (Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation) Vera Alexeeva  , the doctor - a physiotherapist first qualifying category. phone 8 0152 68-20-50
        The office carried out the development and implementation of individual rehabilitation programs for each patient during treatment in a hospital, providing effective remedy functions as early as possible, in the complex used apply: electro-phototherapy, laser, thermal mud baths, inhalations, water treatment, barotherapy, acupuncture, massage, kinesitherapy, herbal medicine for which there is available the necessary equipment and supplies.
        Expressed persistent reduction effect is achieved by complex application of photodynamic therapy and traveling pulsed magnetic field in the postoperative period in patients with peripheral vascular disease of the lower extremities.
       The effective work of specialists on hand massage in patients with pathology of the peripheral nervous system, reduces the duration of treatment for patients of this profile.
      Integrated use of acupuncture in combination with Hyperbaric can significantly improve the quality of life of chronic venous insufficiency of lymph.
- Water treatment (oxygen baths, shower, underwater shower-massage)
- A classic manual massage,
- kinesotherapy-hall.
     In the appointment procedures an individual approach to each patient, taking into account the indications and contraindications.
     Consultation conducted by a doctor, physiotherapist (Head of Department) Vera  Alekseeva.
     Senior nurse branch  Victoria Kishkel, the highest category.
Mode of operation cabinet: 8.00-15.30; Phone 8 0152 68-20-50
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