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Doctor-gastroenterologist (Head of the gastroenterology department)  Elena Bozhko, the doctor - a gastroenterologist highest qualification category, phone 8 0152 68-20-44

   Gastroenterological department health care "City Clinical Hospital № 4 Grodno" is intended to provide hospital care for patients with diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract.

    Department carries out its activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus and the Health Department of the Grodno regional executive committee.

   The department is the training base of Faculty Therapy Grodno State Medical University.


     The main activities of the department are:

1) The provision of high quality care to the population of gastroenterological fixed territory of Grodno and Grodno region;

2) A differential diagnostic activities in complex clinical situations;

3) introduction into clinical practice of new methods and tools for diagnosis, treatment and analysis of the effectiveness of new diagnostic and treatment methods;

4) preventive care;

5) A doctor - a specialist advice on a fee basis to patients with diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract.

6) in the department for a fee held breath test to determine infection Helicobacter.

     At the request of the patient's inpatient treatment can be performed in the House of enhanced comfort.

     High qualification of medical staff and a long tradition combined with modern medical and diagnostic equipment, quiet atmosphere, a unique