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Head of the Laboratory Irina Ibragimova     

      Doctor of laboratory diagnostics (Head clinical diagnostic laboratory) Irina Ibragimova, doctor - laboratory diagnosis of the first qualifying category, telephone 0152 8 54 80 69. e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Paramedic, technician (senior) Alina SkersinisParamedic, technician (senior) Alina Skersinis, the highest category.


    In accordance with the main objective CDL performs the following functions:


- Clinical laboratory tests (clinical, hematological, immunological, biochemical and hemostatic system research) in the amount corresponding to the power of ultrasonic "GKB N ° 4 Grodno";


- Provide advice to doctors specialized departments in the interpretation of data laboratory examination of patients, selecting the most informative diagnostic laboratory tests;


- Systematic internal quality control of clinical laboratory tests, as well as participation in the external (regionolnom and national) quality control; 


- A systematic analysis of the laboratory conducting the necessary uchetno- reporting documentation.


TAC consists of several departments, including: 


1. Department of Hematology; 
2. The general clinical department; 
3. Department of Biochemistry (Biochemistry and hemostasis); 


4. Department of urgent analysis, providing laboratory testing Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, watch for emergency surgery, performing research on "cito" for all departments of the hospital.


    In addition to patient care hospital, clinical diagnostic laboratory investigations are carried out on a fee basis.


    Wide range of research affects all areas of laboratory diagnosis: hematology, biochemistry, immunology, hemostasis. 


    The quality of the TAC is defined by high professional competence of employees. The accuracy and speed of performance studies, the reliability and validity of the results - is the criterion of our work.


     The combination of high quality and affordable prices for all types of research guarantor of our cooperation.


    Involved in the hospital equipment can diagnose diseases in the required amount for the clinic and with minimal downtime.