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     The head of emergency department ultrasound "City Hospital №4 Grodno" physician (head) Rusak Irina Kazimirovna, therapist 1 qualification category. phone 8 0152 54-00-31
     All rooms and viewing the front desk are equipped in accordance with existing legal acts, their equipment and material equipment allows us to provide high-quality and high-quality assistance. Post a nurse linked to the structural department of the hospital administration and internal telephone and urban communications, video surveillance. 
    The front desk is an important therapeutic and diagnostic department. On how professional, quick and organized response of the medical staff the front desk, to a certain extent on the success of subsequent treatment of the patient, and in emergency (urgent) states - and his life. 
  The hospital is planned (09.00 to 15.00) and emergency (hours) patient care and surgical therapy, with patients arriving in the emergency department are allocated to threads, and emergency planning. This sorting provides a differentiated approach to the prioritization of care to patients arriving. 
    In the emergency department  "City Clinical Hospital №4 Grodno" carried hospitalization of patients admitted in the direction of insurance companies ("Belgosstrakh", "Beleximgarant", "Belneftestrakh" and others). This category of patients will be provided with specialized medical care according to the protocol of diagnosis and treatment in a hospital. As well as medical assistance to foreign nationals residing permanently or temporarily residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with regulations.
The main functions of the front desk: 
- Reception and registration of patients; 
- A medical examination of patients with the aim of initial diagnosis and determine the type of sanitary processing, the need for diagnostic and laboratory tests (if indicated); 
- Providing qualified emergency medical care; 
- Definition of a hospital for hospitalization; 
- Sanitary and hygienic treatment of patients; 
- Registration of the relevant medical documentation; 
- Transportation of patients in medical offices.  
Contact phone:  8 0152 54-00-31