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The head physician of the institution  Surov AlexanderThe head physician of the institution - Surov Alexander. 



KM "Municipal Hospital №4 Grodno" - a diversified, with modern equipment, medical facility providing specialized hospital care to residents of the city of Grodno, Grodno region and foreign nationals on 4 core areas (therapeutic, gastroenterological, surgical and gynecological). Power 311 hospital beds. The structure of institutions includes: - 6 medical offices - reception, - X-ray - endoscopic department - clinical diagnostic laboratory - an office of ultrasonic diagnostics - rehabilitation department.

Hospital-based function: the urban center of gastroduodenal bleeding and regional endoscopic gynecological center.

Main line of action - providing specialized routine and emergency patient care, advanced minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and endo and operative gynecology.

Specialists Hospital perform laparoscopic surgery to 1800 per year. Such interventions ensure quick and complete rehabilitation after surgery, give a good cosmetic effect, reduce the number of postoperative complications. Many of these operations provide effective assistance doomed patients.

In the only in the field of gynecologic endoscopy center effectively treat infertility, operate in benign tumors in the uterus and appendages, modern operations performed in complicated ptosis genitals.

The hospital employs qualified staff - 80% of physicians 76% of medium-health workers have the qualification category.

The hospital is the base for the clinical departments of the Grodno State Medical University (surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology).

At the hospital, all the conditions for modern diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Patients are placed in two - four local wards comfortable.